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Our Game Plan is to provide other families with helpful necessities needed to assist them during  life changing circumstances. We will work to provide strength, hope and comfort to families through a variety of resources and acts of kindness.  As parents, we want to provide spiritual and emotional guidance and assistance. While in the hospital, we came to appreciate gift cards for gas and meals, gifts to make the holidays brighter, and many random items that were so helpful during our daily battles.  We plan to work with families we become aware of that are in local hospitals, children’s hospitals and hospice, along with volunteers to help provide some or all of the following.


In addition to providing gifts to the patients in the hospital and financial support to families that need it the most, we want to make sure that NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE.  By helping with directional, spiritual, emotional and physical needs, this may mean providing resources and tips we have attained during our own personal experiences, or things that we did to get through each day emotionally or physically...or it may just mean being a friend to talk to or listen. 


Additionally, some patients may require certain equipment once they are able to go home and some equipment is not paid for by insurance so we can assist with that also.


Providing A Game Plan 4 Hope to families whose lives are in despair immediately following a life changing event by bridging the gap for directional, spiritual, emotional and physical needs.


  • Gift Cards providing money for Gas/Meals
  • Comfort Kits/Gift Bags
  • Special Holiday Events
  • Donate needed Medical Equipment or Supplies
  • Being a Friend to offer spiritual and emotional support