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Aaron and Heather Erickson’s son, Ethan, lost his relentless fight with Burkitt Lymphoma/Leukemia at the young age of 12, on October 13, 2019. Throughout his 18-month fight, Ethan never complained, rarely ever cried, and was determined to do what he had to do to get better. During his illness, he never asked, “Why me?” Ethan never lost his faith in God, his strength or his courage.  Ethan’s hope never diminished, and he knew God was with him, providing peace and comfort in each new battle. Ethan entered into remission, and relapsed three times. Each battle became more difficult, with his bone marrow affected, it meant preparing for a Bone Marrow Transplant.  One week prior to transplant, blood work showed that the Burkitt Leukemia had returned, which meant the transplant would be postponed, and he entered more vigorous rounds of chemotherapy.  We all relied on God’s strength and the many prayers being lifted to get us through each new day.  Read More

Jeff & Missy Bass’ son, Trenton, was injured in a football game during the second game of his senior year at the age of 17. In one second, his life changed forever.

THE PLAY through Trenton's eyes

September 8, 2017 the second game of my senior football season,  we were playing in Mountain Lake, MN, about two hours away from Hills. With 90 seconds left to play, we were up 28 to 20. The other team had the ball and they were marching down the field. I was on defense and went to the outside of the field to go around a blocker and came around to tackle the running back who was coming from the opposite way. I dove for his legs to tackle him. My head got in front of his leg and the force of his thigh came across my helmet from the opposite direction. I immediately went to the ground. As I was laying there, I realized that I could not move anything.  Read More


It is our desire to provide families suffering life-changing hardships with a Game Plan 4 Hope and comfort during the most difficult times of their lives. Our families witnessed the many ways Trenton and Ethan embraced their new normal with peace, positivity, perseverance.


Through the darkest hours, there was hope, and Ethan and Trenton never lost faith and continually felt Christ’s presence. We are so proud of them and in the many ways they both touched and inspired others.  On our journeys, we were recipients of so many wonderful acts of kindness, helping to fulfill our financial, spiritual, and physical needs.


We realize the positive impact that gestures of kindness can have on families in despair. Trenton and Ethan showed us how to shine Christ’s light during times of darkness.  We want to honor their spirit of hope by providing other families comfort and positivity.